Ask the right question

I was asked THAT question again today. ‘How can I use technology in my classroom?’ It is the wrong question, so it doesn’t get a satisfactory answer.

The questions that drive me areHow can I use technology to expand and enhance learning opportunities? and How can I use technology to improve the way students engage with the learning material? Basically I’m looking for high-quality delivery practices and more interested students.

Everyone knows I rabbit on about pedagogy. My interpretation of pedagogy has three components: design of the lesson or program, development of resources and then the actual delivery itself. It is the three-legged stool principle – all three are equally important.

I have noticed that many teachers complete the design phase almost by intuition, especially very experienced teachers. I find I have to tease it out, sometimes visually, to make sure that I cover everything and also do it in a logical way. Here is the design for a series of three lessons that introduce poetry in Junior secondary.

Delivery phase worked well. Students were immersed in the experience and had opportunities to listen, speak, compose, share and reflect. The essential thing here is that it is the iPad and shared online space of Google Docs enabled the design – the technology was fundamental to success.


Intro to poetry ipad