Drowning not waving

Blogging is both relaxation and achievement for me but I just haven’t had the time for weeks to sit down and commit to it. Then today I received a cheeky tweet from Tony McCormack (@tony_mack), reminding me of a pact we made at the start of the year to blog at least once a month.

Since the school year started, I have noticed myself frequently thinking ‘There aren’t enough hours in the day’. I am putting it out there right now. I am actually glad there aren’t more hours in the day. Think about it. If there were more, what would we do with them? Would we put this time into relaxation or sleep? Unfortunately it is more likely that we would increase our hours of work. Not that I should complain. As a teacher I only work from 9am to 3pm and I get about 6 months annual holiday, right? HA! 

I have a tendency to think that everything needs to get done right now and it must be done by ME, so currently I am working on my work-life balance. Unfortunately it feels more like a work-life whirlpool. I’m developing a strategy of talking to myself when I feel like I’m ‘drowning not waving’ as the saying goes, and these are some thoughts that are becoming my mantras:

  • There will always be more work than time. You aren’t going to get everything done. Get over it!
  • Superheroes don’t have kids or work so they are useless role models. Admit to treading water.
  • Relaxation is work. Yes, it really is! Bring on some guilt-free downtime. 

We can do a lot of things with time – spend it, waste it, lose it, find it, make it, buy it … which is very interesting, because we can’t see or touch it and there never seems to be enough of it. I’m thinking this would make a great discussion for my English class.

Someone once observed that we all have exactly the same number of hours in the day as were given to Mother Teresa, Michelangelo and Einstein. I am not in their league, but if they can change the world in the same amount of time that I have available, then I can find time to share with you here today.