Will I wear my Google dress today?

One-size-fits-all is very popular in the fashion world but it doesn’t work so well as a concept when it comes to technology. What works for me, may not work for you. What works for one class, may not work for another. The focus needs to be on what it is that you are wanting to achieve, then select technology appropriate for that purpose.

Google is smashing the concept of ‘umbrella technology’ out of the park right now and I am excited about letting Google into my life. I have now switched to Gmail and connect everything I can through this identity. However, I already have an established  presence on several social media platforms and am happy to stay with them.

Facebook is how I connect with friends. I use Twitter more regularly than Facebook because there is more of a feed. This is a professional space for me where I connect with my professional learning network.I have Diigo to bookmark websites I like and use it to push useful links to my Twitter feed.

I use Instagram rarely, and now that Facebook has the feature that puts filters over images before they are uploaded, it has fallen off my radar.  Pinterest is a recent addition for me and I am currently using it to host ideas as we renovate our house. I also use Evernote to store quick notes and images so that they are accessible across all my devices. Also, I have recently moved my blog to WordPress, which is simple and effective.

However, the Google dress is now the mainstay of my technology wardrobe. I am able to mix-and-match because of the interconnectedness of these technologies and then use  some of the specialist, more quirky, apps as accessories.

Over the Christmas break, I took on the challenge of becoming a Google Educator. This involved familiarising myself with the range of Google for Education tools and sitting five Advanced-level exams.

I am proud to say that I was successful in this endeavour and am excited about what the new year will bring. New school, new position, new challenges…bring on 2015!